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EXPO HF Series

The EXPO Series


The Expo-series provides Mono-Band and Dual-Band options for operators looking to achieve good results on the high bands with a smaller footprint.

EXPO HF Models and Prices

EXPO SeriesModelBandElementsGain (dbi)F/BBM LgthTurn Radius Weight (LB)Price
Expo-2102L10MVQL10M29>205 ft4.5 ft12380
Expo-4104L10MVQ10M411>2715 ft8.5 ft20650
Expo-6106L10MVQ10M616>3024 ft14.5 ft341065
Expo-2122L12MVQ12M29>256 ft8 ft15390
Expo-2152L15MVQ15M29>208 ft8 ft15470
Expo-4154L15MVQ15M411>2715 ft10 ft20685
Expo-2172L17MVQ17M29>258 ft11 ft24540
Expo-4174L17MVQ17M411>2724 ft14.5 ft34795
EXPO – Dual Band

ModelBandElementsGain (dbi)F/BBM LgthTurn Radius Weight (LB)Price
Expo- 6N10


14/9>258 ft8 ft30325
Expo- 6L6_3L10

6L6-3L10MVQ6M/10M6N317/11>259 ft9 ft32825
Expo- 10N12

2L10-2L12MVQ10M/12M2N29/9>208.5 ft8.5 ft30490
Expo- 10N15
2L10-2L15MVQ10M/15M2N29/9>209.5 ft9.5 ft32525