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March 16, 2022

This template is for a Sales Representative position in a small business specializing in a specific product or service. The company is seeking a motivated and customer-oriented individual to join their team. The Sales Representative will be responsible for prospecting and qualifying leads, delivering persuasive product presentations, closing sales, and maintaining customer relationships.

  • A great way to become an effective relationship builder is to build rapport with prospects.
  • The Sales Representative will be responsible for driving sales and revenue growth by prospecting and qualifying leads, delivering product presentations, closing sales, and maintaining customer relationships.
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  • Your business development team is responsible for finding ways to improve every aspect of your company.

Once you’ve identified your need for the way BDRs are going to operate in your organization, it’s time to work with your recruiters. BDRs should be able to understand their targets and find out what they need to do to (hopefully) exceed them. The world’s most effective sales departments set and track a set of clear goals. Managers should give their BDRs SMART goals that will help them guide their activities. And they need to have the types of personalities that will drive those goals. This sample job post will introduce your organization’s culture and values, while helping potential candidates understand how they’ll contribute from Day 1.

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This step might be a sales call, product demo, or consultation with another sales rep, account rep, or account executive in the organization. SDRs can go on to fill such roles as senior sales development representatives, account managers, sales representatives, and sales managers. Businesses will sometimes use BDRs and sales development representatives (SDRs) on the same activities, so it’s hard to always keep their differences distinct. Ideally, however, SDRs keep their focus on inbound leads while BDRs focus on the outbound opportunities. A business development representative (BDR) is a sales professional dedicated to finding new business and tapping into new markets. These professionals achieve these goals by finding leads, qualifying them, and setting appointments for your sales reps.

business development sales representative

You should be responsive to customer inquiries, address complaints promptly and professionally, and ensure customer satisfaction. Building trust and delivering value to customers will contribute to their retention and continued business with the company. Although these acronyms (BDR and SDR) are used interchangeably in the sales and tech circles, it can sometimes be confusing. While responsibilities of sales development reps and business development reps are quite similar, they are separate when you get down to specifics. Taking online courses can be a great way to build sales development skills and discover career options.

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Build your network at professional conferences, on LinkedIn, at sales training classes, and more. SDRs should know the products and services they sell inside and out while clearly understanding their buyer personas and the common challenges prospects face. The answers to these questions would have been crucial to understanding how to solve a major pain point for the prospect. In general, these questions can uncover a wealth of information about virtually any business that offers a free or reduced-price trial of their product. Traditional sales skills apply, but a few hard and soft skills for an SDR role will help inside sales teams bring even more success. The good news and bad news about measuring BDR success is that business development can be measured by essentially every metric applicable to your company.

business development sales representative

When you’re organized, it’s easier to keep track of your leads, qualify your pipeline, and design a workflow that helps you nurture important relationships that lead to closed deals down the road. We are building a high-performance culture and want teammates who can join our organization and not just fit in, but add to us. We’re open, supportive, and think a diverse team (across all spectrums) makes us stronger collectively.

Business development representative job description

Video prospecting has gained popularity over the last few years, and it’s popular for good reason. Simply put, video prospecting is customized outreach in a short, two-minute max video format. Unlike a phone call or an email, the prospect can connect with you on a more personal level without the time commitment of scheduling a Zoom call.

The best SDRs proactively seek out coaching from high-performing peers and crave honest feedback from their managers. Getting real-time feedback is best, but you can also build out a list of all the questions or challenges you faced in a given week and debrief them with your manager during a scheduled one-on-one. In addition to the hard skills we’ve reviewed, staying positive is a soft skill that can’t be learned in a book. If you’re flat or discouraged one day, it will translate over the phone and your prospect will pick up on your low energy. Don’t simply go through the motions so you can log an activity in your CRM — be committed to quality touch points across all the activities you complete to move a prospect through the pipeline. In a short amount of time, you have to entice a prospect you’ve never spoken with to call you back.

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Zendesk is the world’s leading customer experience and support platform and we are growing quickly with a suite of products our customers love! We build software to meet customer needs, set teams up for success, and keep businesses in sync. So While great BDRs are worth their weight in gold., but they’re hard to come across. Business development representatives are adept at closing a huge number of meetings.

When you can position these solutions to eliminate a pain point for the prospect, you start to develop trust with your prospect which is a key factor that influences whether they’ll buy or not. Share your open role with qualified sales development representatives using the world’s largest professional network. Your main objective is to acquire new customers by identifying and targeting potential prospects. This involves prospecting, generating leads, and conducting effective sales presentations to showcase the company’s products or services. Building and nurturing relationships with existing customers is crucial for upselling, cross-selling, and fostering customer loyalty. You should take the time to answer these questions and understand the strategy behind effective business development representative teams.

By contrast, inbound sales focuses on warm leads, or those who have already found and shown interest in the brand. The goal of a sales development rep is to generate qualified leads so that other sales team members can close sales and ultimately shorten the sales cycle. Sales reps play a vital role in driving sales success for small businesses. By acquiring new customers, building relationships, managing the sales process, and achieving sales goals, you contribute to the growth and profitability of the company. You can excel as a sales representative in a small business environment with effective communication, interpersonal skills, and a strategic approach.

business development sales representative

You will work closely with the sales team to ensure that our company’s sales goals are met. Business development representatives reach out to potential leads and form customer relationships, usually by cold calling or emailing. With a CRM like Zendesk Sell, your business development reps gain open, seamless communication with every department in your company. Real-time reports and automation make it easy to track sales data, monitor sales performance, and gain a big-picture perspective on B2B and B2C sales. It’s worth noting that the most important relationship between SDRs and BDRs isn’t necessarily in how they work together day to day, but about how SDRs are your best resource for cultivating a strong BDR team. Sales teams are excellent business development training grounds as reps gain experience in sales prospecting techniques and learn all the ins and outs of the sales process.