The following are comments and some photo's from customers who have Cubex quad antennas. Take the time to read through their comments and hopefully you will get some idea of our product quality and reliability; their ability to withstand the rigors of weather and most important their performance. 
We at Cubex are proud of our products and confident in their outstanding performance.
Roger WB8NDC

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NA7U's Cubex 5-Band Quad

Excerpts from NA7U web site -
----- After many years of using a modified Lightning Bolt quad for 20-15-10 meters, I upgraded to a Cubex 5-bander. I'd heard good things about the Cubex models from other hams and Norman at Cubex was tremendous at answering my many questions and helping me to decide on the best model. In the end, I stayed with 2 elements, but got 5 bands in their MK-II-PT5 model. I opted for the continuous spreaders (standard one piece arms----cubex) and pre-configuration of this over one of their less expensive Skymaster kits. I believe it was worth every extra penny. Below are some shots of the quad during construction and up on the tower with a few pictures of construction details.-------------------

See more details at NA7U's website "GO NA7U"

Grand Valley University Radio Club
Skymaster IV - Spring 1998 (GVSU Amateur Radio Council W8GVU)

Maybe you heard that our community was hit by 80 mph winds two different nights this last week. The damage is widespread. Whole rows of power poles are down, cemeteries are flattened, un-guyed radio towers are crumpled over, barns were blown into the fields. It's a hideous sight around here. 

But you know what? Your ungainly looking 4 element 5 band Skymaster took it; riding the storm like a big ship in high seas!  This was perfect timing (I can say that because, thank God, nobody was hurt). The administration was very skeptical over the safety of that antenna. It doesn't look that strong and sturdy. But is obviously *is*. 

I haven't mentioned that we've been able to make contacts to parts of the world we never even heard on the air before. Last week I helped a new member reach 9K2RA in Kuwait! That was through a pile up on SSB. 

You have a fantastic product there, Norm. It sure is serving us well at W8GVU.

For photos of installation go to -> / <.../~w8gvu

Motorola Amateur Radio Club - W4MOT
EXPO-210 - Field Day 2001

Just a quick line to let you know your quad performance was just great this Field day.
I will send you photos from our field day setup from the home QTH. The antenna was easily to setup.
I mounted the antenna on a 3 section 35 foot aluminum mast with a guy thrust bearing @ about 27 feet. I have a homebrew wooden rotor plate and rotor at the bottom of the mast.
The rig used was a Yaseu FT 840 running 100 watts. Our first pre-field day contact was with a west coast San Diego station. We were 20 dB over S9. Contacts into Australia were made
with signal reports on our station running S7-S9 barefoot. We found the 10 meter band open through almost 11 PM on Saturday night.

Your antenna also showed good wind survival as at about 1 PM on Saturday just before the start of operations a thunderstorm blew through our site. We lost one of the tents as gusts were estimated at about 50-60 mph. Your quad seemed unimpressed by the winds.
I think in summary you have a killer 10 meter quad. It enabled us to beat the 20 meter station even though they had band openings all through the night. Bob N4CU wants a 20 meter quad for next field day.
Thanks again,

Harold KT4XK

Tri-band - EXPO- Plus; 2N6N10 meters


The Quad is up and it was very easy to build and install, SWR very good and a big difference over my 3 ele yagi tnx I'm very pleased with it.  I did do one mod to it were the wire passes through the spreaders I covered it with heat shrink to stop it chaffing on the glass fibre on a windy day hope to get you some more customers when all my friends have been round to view it.

73's for now,  your friend in England-


Cubex MK-II PT5 survives heavy ice storm

Dear Cubex,

I have finally received the film from my photos of the new five band quad that I purchased from you -------

I had the quad several months prior to installation awaiting my tower erection.  A ham friend helped me assemble the quad.  While unpacking the box my friends comment was "this is sure better quality than others" -- he had helped anther ham assemble a name brand quad several years ago. He told me that there was no comparison with the other quad he had assembled. Cubex was far superior.

After placement on the 50ft. tower, my first reaction was how quiet the bands were.   My noise level had greatly diminished over the 17 meter mono-bander and I heard more signals with greater strength.  I also now had four more bands in one antenna!

My main praise to Cubex is that as you're aware, Illinois is and has been noted for its snow and ice.  Three weeks ago we had a 2 inch  ice build up from a winter storm that had our town shut down for four days.  -------------- Just one week ago we had another.  This time ice built up 1/2 inch.  If I would take a photo of your quad today, after our winter storms and compare with the photos I have enclosed, you   would see no difference in the quad.

I am definitely sold on the Cubex Quad.  From other hams commenting on the fine quality and performance to making it through our Illinois ice, you need to be commended on such a fine product.

Thank you ----     WA9UFK


Attn: Joe Kleinman N1BKE @ QST Magazine.

On the 29th of January 2002 our town, a suburb of Kansas City, was receiving sleet that affected the streets of the city only slightly, but I was concerned what the effect would be on my newly erected five band (CUBEX) cubical quad, an antenna type I had avoided because of its vulnerability to ice. No ice accumulation was noticeable that afternoon but the sleet turned to a super cold mist that evening and the next morning the quad was bowed with inches of ice. I was convinced it was total junk. The icing conditions worsened on the third night of this unprecedented monster storm. At the peak of the storm 370,000 homes were in the dark and remained so in most cases a week or more. We were declared a disaster area. Back to the quad. By that time it was reduced to about a six foot square of ice on a fifty foot pole. Over the next two days as thawing set in I watched, with disbelief, as the quad began to resume its shape and soon its full spread, unscathed. In the six months of operation before the ice storm I had become convinced it was the best DX antenna I had ever had in my sixty four years as a ham. A five bander too.

 Wade H. Williams W0BC
CC Cubex Co

Note to Cubex: Thought you guys would like this
 Wade W0BC


courtesy- W0BC

MORE ICE! - K7-Land, No Damage!



Survival of the fittest-     Comments by: W3MGL

Cubex Quad Antenna Co.

My quad is a model MK II PT-5, 2 element 5 band.  I thought you might be interested in these two pictures.  The "sad" looking picture was taken the morning after the worse ice storm to ever hit james City county, Virginia.  The "pretty" picture was taken two days later when the ice melted.  Thank God for your fiberglass arms.  This is the third quad I have used (others were bamboo arms. 

I had been using mono band 10-15-20 meter beams and I took them down and sold them to a friend.  This quad is so great its too bad so many more hams don't use them.  I  work a lot of QRP and on the quad I get great DX reports (mostly ssb).  About the only time I turn on the OMNI VI and Kenwood TL922 linear is when I am trying to work a dxpedition for a new one. ( I need 10 more for the ARRL Honor Roll). Now I am one of those "old timers", 72 years old, licensed 53 years.  So I am not working too hard for the HR (Honor Roll), just to make it before I go to that great ham shack in the sky! (I hope they use four element quads up there!)

Anyhow this quad is a great product and I hope u sell a million. (Just as long as the purchasers live at least five miles away!

Lawrence B. Boellhoff
W3MGL (ex W4TMN)



W4TRP sends this photo of his Kingbee III, tri-band quad.

Surviving heavy Icing during a recent North Carolina Winter.


Listen for  7Q7AM with his BIG Cubex Quad signal!

Earlier this year Andy and several other 7Q7's assembled and erected this "special" MK II - 5 band quad.

EXPO-Dual Band 6N10

Sorry for taking so long on the pics. Ant has performed great. Very clean pattern on 6 and 10. Worked a lot of Europe on 6 this Winter. Saving my coins now for a new Cubex 2 ele tribander for 12 15 17 20. Its been a pleasure doing business with you.


Quads are rugged-
Comments by: KP4WR

KP4 - Puerto Rico MARK III vs. Hurricane "GEORGES"
The MK III survives 150mph winds!





Skymaster II handles Pacific Cyclone


Last Wednesday, cyclone "BETI" blew over New Caledonia.  Winds where 60 to 70 knots with gusts over 85 knots.  My telescopic tower was -------?, my 3 el. quad was 9m over ground (for the boom). While we thought to protect house and already had in mind to get a new aerial, the morning after.  I was amazed to see my quad in perfect condition!  During the cyclone I could go on using it all the time on emergency  net - most OM's have broken beams, my quad is living!!  Your wind kit seems to have been efficient.


MK IV - Disaster Adverted - Quad Survives! -

I have been the proud owner of one of your 4 el quads for almost 2 yrs..

This past Tues night we had a hell of a storm go thru here with 80mph winds .The tower & quad survived fine, the mast bent, but now have a new mast installed, just not completed with the project yet..

Thought you might like to see how the antenna faired. Part of it is being supported by two spreaders on the neighbors roof. Nothing from the antenna broke, which I think is a great testament to the quality of components used in your antennas..

Thanks & keep up the good work..

73's Mel Wagner

MK II - robust construction-


I just thought that I'd drop a note regarding the survival of my
"Super Heavy Duty North Dakota Special" version of the Mk II. Last year, about this time, I was bemoaning fact that I had to rebuild significant parts of my quad after each winter/spring storm season. 
You were kind enough to suggest a heavy-duty two piece boom as well as heavy-duty fiberglass quad arms. Well, the short story is that the antenna seems to have made it for one full year! I'm going to take it down for a complete inspection next month before things get seriously North Dakota but everything looks ok so far and any damage that I can't see from the ground will likely be minor.

Thanks for great, ND-proof, structural engineering!

Joe Ferrara, N7IV
Minot, ND

   WD1V's  MK II -PT5 :
WD1V has compiled a  photo story of assembling the Cubex two
element 5 band quad  pictured below.  Check out his website for
  details -  WD1V Website

MK II - 2 element 5 Band Quad

Subj: I Love My Quad!
To:Cubex Co.

Do you need any testimonials?  I love this antenna!  Yesterday morning I needed 3B6 on cw.  Since then, I've worked them on cw on all 5 bands!  I've always heard that a quad was quieter on receive compared to a yagi but I never anticipated it would be this noticeable.  Bill posted a picture of it on the SFDXA web site.  I'm sold on quads!

Steve W2ZR

More Results- MK II
One more Quad wins

From Jim in PA,  K3WU - 

Well, Just had my first real test of the quad in the WPX CW contest. Despite the fact that the high bands were great, the antenna performed like I hve never seen (personally).  I only operated for about 18 hours, but had over 730 contacts using only 100 watts. Some highlights:

1. Was able to hold a frequency low in the 20m band for over 4 hours without being pushed aside by the BIG SIGNALS!

2. With only one exception, in the search and pounce mode, I was the first station called by the DX.  This included some fairly rare and very sought after stations.

3. Actually able to operate on two frequencies concurrently (with filters of course). I was operating two rigs.

..... You make a great antenna. I wish I had discovered the power of a quad earlier in my ham career.

MK IV - Big Signal from EA3 land -

Dear Norman:
This mail is to tell you how well works your antennas.  I get better performance from the 4 el.Cubex quad than from my 5 el yagi (12.5 meters boom). The Cubex quad has an excellent f/b ratio and a high gain.

The only thing I have changed is the feeding system, the matching with the 75 ohm lines is not good in my opinion so I decided to feed with a gamma match, I use vacuum variable capacitors 2-250 Pf. and 12Kv.   I'm going to send you some photos of the quad in diamond configuration and also from the gammas.

The quad is still ok and we had here winds about 100Km/hr.
Congratulations your building excellent quads.



In a message dated 10/22/2005 writes:

Man what an antenna, I will never be able to thank you enough for all your support after the sale. The quality is absolutely outstanding. The antenna has been up for some months now and the reports from Europe and the US on all bands have been terrific. I am so pleased with it that I want to ask you if you would consider building me another quad as follows, and of course your comments would also be most welcome. I have got another tower and a Spid Rotator and remote antenna switch ready to go.

What are your thoughts on a 5 element, 6 metre quad with 2 metres and 70 CM quads on the same boom. What do you think the gain, rejection and performance would be for this configuration and what if any would be the drawbacks or difficulties constructing and using this antenna? Please also give me a quotation on the total cost of supply.

I can organise the freight from Florida to Queensland. Thanks again Norman, I will wait for your reply. best regards and good health.

Gary VK4WT


Comments on - the performance of the 3 element 20-15-10M Quad that I purchased from you. I have been licensed for 35 years and have spent the last 15 or so with either dipoles or verticals ... I recently purchased the quad ... and a 40 foot tubular stand up tower from US Tower ... The total installation was completed by myself, -----
The performance of this antenna, even at 40' is magnificent ... I have worked 17 new countries in 3 days ... usually punch through the pile up on the first or second call ... I think that the longest I have waited in any pile-up is 4 or 5 attempts ... and have almost always received 59+ reports throughout the world ... F/B appears to better than your specification and F/S ratio also appears to beat the spec you publish ... all of these observations are obviously non rigorous but the empirical results are GREAT ...

Best wishes ... Thanks and 73 - AA6EV


6 Meters - "South America"

Dear Cubex,

We received our antennas about a month ago and  assembled them immediately.
we are very happy with them and they perform so well that everybody in South America is wondering.   We think you could make a very nice work in this part of the world,
specially Argentina and Chile. 

We will be your best advertisement.

73 de HK3BZO

The "Magic Band" 6 Meters -

Dear Cubex

I ordered a 4 ele 6 meter quad Monday morning and was surprised to see to arrive today, Wed.

The antenna was very easy to assemble, and works great, tests with locals show excellent front to side and better than expected front to back. I was using a dipole before and thought I had success with it. However this evening, we had e-skip into 6 land (I am in NC) and I could not even hear
some of them on the dipole and they were S 5-7 on the Cubex. The antenna is only around 40 feet off the ground.

All in all your product meets, if not exceeds, your claims, and your service is fantastic!

For anyone needing directivity on 6 and lacking a tall tower, CUBEX is the only way to go!

Thanks again.


COMMENTS-  MANTIS II-40 - short boom 2el Quad

Hello again  ;
Just a quick note to bring you up to speed on my Mantis II-40m........Rec'd the insert
for the boom quickly and in good order.......which fitted perfectly inside my
thin wall 3 inch boom..............this repair to my 15 foot boom has been up now (at 75 feet)
for about 3 weeks and we just experienced some nice winds of about 40 knots in gusts 
which lasted for several hours..........the ole girl just took it in stride. Stations from all
over the world seem to be very impressed with the way this short boom model is performing
compared to the full sized big gun yagi"s competing with me here stateside................
apparently, this quad is doing significantly better that the typical trapped or loaded yagis
like the Mosley Pro 67 C-3 and about equal to the full sized Telrex 3 el (three 60 foot elements
on a 46 foot boom).

A friend up in Detroit Michigan has the Telrex and we horserace regularly
to stations in the South Pacific and South Africa. About half the time he's about 3 db
ahead of me........and the other half  I'm about 3db ahead of him. So I am extremely
impressed with the performance of this "little" quad .........and I always seem to have a
better copy on distant stations than my competition as well. I am also well pleased with
how easy it is to repair this quad also. Much easier and less expensive to maintain than
the big aluminum yagis.......especially with the utility of my home brew hazer system.
Feel free to use this this letter as a testimonial in your advertising----------------

Still More comments on the MANTIS II 40 meter quad-
--- "I was in the NA QSO  contest last night and "somehow" managed to find K9DX on 40M.  He was by far the loudest and strongest signal on the band.  Since he was limited to only 150 watts in the contest, it was not due to power. Compared to other stations in his area, he was at least 10db and more often 20db stronger "---- 

See the K9DX installation-  (Customer Installations) -


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